Virtual  Workshops

Virtual 01. Pulling your weight (This is a two-part workshop)


Emily Gibson
Emily Gibson Consulting


We can be quick to side-line our well-being when others need our support, when work demands become unyielding, or even when we’re just not sure what to do to take care of ourselves. By putting our needs second, we may be inadvertently doing a disservice to our communities. Supporting a collective culture of wellbeing requires us to lead by example by being accountable to our own needs. Afterall, we need to put our oxygen mask on first before we can help others. This trauma-informed workshop provides a no-nonsense no-judgement exploration of holistic well-being. Rooted in research, Indigenous worldviews and lived experience, participants will explore and practice ways to support and engage their emotions, mind, body and spirit. After developing individual wellbeing plans, participants will navigate ways to curate and reinforce a culture of well-being in their workplaces.

Virtual 02. Diversity, Inclusion and Whanaungatanga for Sustainable Development


Lissy Fehnker-Heather, Vice-Chancellor’s Office – Research & Policy
Sarah Jayne Dipert, HR Advisory


This workshop brings to life the ‘Mahitahi – Come Together’ theme by focusing on the necessity of embracing diverse viewpoints on sustainability to forge effective, global strategies. It emphasizes the importance of whanaungatanga, or relationship-building, to understand the varying interpretations of sustainability influenced by cultural, ethnic, and faith-based perspectives. Our goal is to foster an inclusive environment where it can be highlighted how these perspectives can be integrated into a comprehensive and inclusive sustainability journey, demonstrating the critical role of collaboration and inclusivity in achieving sustainable outcomes.

This workshop will be conducted virtually, starting with a discussion on the broad spectrum of sustainability perceptions globally. The major focus will be an interactive segment where participants reflect on their personal definition of sustainability and then share their insights. This format encourages open, honest dialogue and allows participants to express their views without the pressure of a physical audience, facilitating a more inclusive and comprehensive exploration of sustainability concepts.

Following this workshop, participants will be able to reassess their understanding of sustainability, recognizing that it may not align with others’ views. They will contemplate how their individual backgrounds influence their sustainability perceptions and appreciate the diversity of thought in this area. Participants will also leave with a broader, more inclusive perspective on sustainability and its
varying interpretations, fostering a deeper understanding and respect for diverse viewpoints.

Virtual 03. Achieving meaningful partnerships


Liletina Vaka, Katalina Ma, Anaru Parangi
Schools and Community Engagement Office


This session is a master class on achieving meaningful partnerships to address educational inequities. We’ll explore effective strategic planning, the challenge of operationalising strategy, people and talent, the importance of service delivery, and the power of data. Hear from a diverse trio about what each of them bring and what each of them have learnt! The leaders behind UE Success will take you on an authentic journey full of relevant insights for any professional – whether you’re a people leader and want to be challenged, or you’re a service delivery professional and want to be inspired – this is one for everyone!

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