2024 Learn Like Lightning

STREAM ONE Presentations

1. Your unique story

Shiprah Christian


3. Move over Sudoku – Poetry is the new brain gym!

Sophie Procter


5. Together we can make a difference!

Anastasia Timoshkina


2. 13 Hours Ahead

Julio Romero


4. Murmuration – What Birds Can Teach Us About Leading and Following

Christina Partridge


6. Creative Camaraderie

Ginger Conly


STREAM TWO Presentations

1. Bridging Distances, Building Bridges: A Personal Journey of Inclusiveness and Collaboration

Ying Shen


3. Making Arrangements: the joy of flowers in the office

Ian Fookes


5. being-becoming-belonging

Li Wang


2. UDL at UoA… OK?

Leah Tamasese


4. “Are you meant to be here?”: navigating space in the bathroom

Shasha Ali and Andy Fey


6. What does the University of Auckland Citizenship mean to you?

Viliami Lata


What's in it for me?

Learn Like Lightning is a chance not just to brush up on your public speaking skills – though that’s a great incentive! With a LLL talk, you can:

  • Share a passion, idea or project of yours
  • Boost your confidence!
  • Meet other like-minded thinkers, or plant the seeds of new thought in others!
  • Get personalised feedback via rehearsals and Toastmaster coaching
  • Be part of a stellar professional development event for all professional staff!
  • Brush up on your University Citizenship as part of your Tupu goals!

You will also receive free entry to the ASPIRE conference!


What’s so great about participating as a Learn Like Lightning speaker? Get it straight from the horse’s mouth with the testimonials below.

Learn Like Lightning gave me the opportunity to share something that is important to me. The challenge of refining my thoughts into a 6-minute session was rewarding, and the entire process was enjoyable and highly supportive. I’d particularly encourage anyone who has some passion around a subject to consider giving this a go!

Joel McGeorge

Learn Like Lightning Speaker, ASPIRE 2021

Learn Like Lightning at Aspire 2021 was awesome! The support team worked really hard to help us make our presentations presentable but also relatable, memorable and polished. I definitely rate the experience and hope you decide to give it a go – it’s such a fun chance to talk about something important to you and to share that with your professional staff peers. It’s not about being perfect so if you have something worth sharing (which I can guarantee that you do), submit an application – what’s the best that could happen?

Seini Revell

Learn Like Lightning Speaker, ASPIRE 2021

I relished the opportunity to support the kaupapa. Being a person in a new position, new department and new scope of work, I also dovetailed into my Tupu how this would crystalise (in a very public forum, I might add) the direction and opportunity that lies ahead.

I can’t speak highly enough about the positive, upbeat and empowering support from the ASPIRE LLL team. Even my technical requests were met with excitement and anticipation.

The day flew by, and it was awesome to listen and absorb the narrative and insights of our talented whānau.

Would love to do it again – so that says a lot 😊

Jason Tutara

Learn Like Lightning Speaker, ASPIRE 2022

I wanted to speak at Learn Like Lightning to help to expose as many people as possible to understanding and thinking about the pros and cons of human gene editing. It was a very well run event and I felt very supported as a speaker. I really enjoyed the day and I felt that it is a great way to make professional staff feel valued.

Hilary Sheppard

Learn Like Lightning Speaker, ASPIRE 2021

It was thrilling experience, and I’m definitely doing it again. The LLL team were so supportive and provided helpful guidance and the moral boost. The LLL series is a great ako space for sharing vibrant perspectives and learning from your peers.

Svetlana Kostrykina

Learn Like Lightning Speaker, ASPIRE 2021

LLL was a great opportunity to reflect on my work and network with colleagues across the Uni both in the project and on the day. I would highly recommend it!

Liz Hosking-Clement

Learn Like Lightning Speaker, ASPIRE 2021

Countdown to ASPIRE 2024 (3 July, 2024)








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Key Dates

Submission Opens: 1 March 2024
Submission Deadline: 14 April 2024
Notification of outcome: 24 April 2024
Registration Opens: 30 April 2024
Conference Date: 3 July 2024




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