Brigid Carroll is a Professor in the Department of Management and International Business and holds the Fletcher Building Employee Educational Fund Chair in Leadership. She teaches broadly in the area of leadership, organizational theory and qualitative research methods at undergraduate, postgraduate and executive level and does extensive cross sector leadership development work with corporate, community, professional, and youth organisations. In her development work Brigid has specialized in whole system, collaborative and cross organisation leadership development alongside a focus on leadership identity, mindset and practice.  Increasingly she works with cross-faculty and interdisciplinary research and development teams.  Brigid has recently begun a series of research and development work involving participatory, grassroots and adaptive governance, and complex,  multi-sector collaboration.

Ongoing research themes revolve around identity work, power and resistance, leadership development, distributed and collective leadership and discursive/ narrative approaches. Ultimately Brigid is interested in leadership as a discourse, identity, and practice and in exploring how it is constructed and shaped between people, spaces, and artefacts in different organisational contexts. She has written recently on the management/leadership relationship, the re-theorisation of role, the dynamics of leadership development,  leadership as practice, and the relationship of leadership to constructs such as authenticity, resistance,  aesthetics, responsibility and learning.

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